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  • <img src='/upfile/product/20101118045419.jpg' /> Product Name: EL car meter 003
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    1.el auto meter product with bright and vivid color
    2.low power loss
    3.long working life
    4.CE and RoHS
    5 all over the world

    EL Night Vision auto gauge/ el auto sticker / el sheet/El backlight:
    1.   wide viewing angle & plane solid light origin
    2.   ultru-thin & light weight :  the thickness is less than 1mm
    3.   bendable:it still gives off light even while its bending
    4.   rich in color: many colors are available
    5.   low power consumption & long life-span  no heat is generated with the cold light
    6.   flexibility : it can be made into many shapes
    7.   high visibility :even under smoky and foffy situation,and no ultraviolet radiation is generated
    8.   tender light :its gentle light wont do harm to your eyes
    9.   water resistance