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  • <img src='/upfile/product/20131207114824.jpg' /> Product Name: EL equalizer car sticker
    Catalog: EL Car sticker
    Specification: 70*16cm,80*19cm,90*25cm,114*30cm
    EL equalizer car sticker Description Next Product:[ Light up hoodie Yellow ] Last Product:[ EL Hoodie ]

    EL car sticker
    1) Multiple logo
    2) DC12V input
    3) With Cupule,easy for installation

    EL car sticker
    Basic features:
    Size: normal size :
    from A6 to A0
    We can supply Customization size and customized logo design
    Light option
    1. Constant light
    2. Flash
    3. When car run away, the panel not work, when car brake, the panel light up
    Light color:
    white, green,blue,pink etc.
    Voltage: DC12V AC110V-240V
    Life time:8000hours
    Safety: CE a& ROHS
    Application:  lamp box, indoor advertisement, sign, Advertising for bar, signboard, backlighting, emergency sign, machine instrument


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