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  • <img src='/upfile/product/20101118020922.jpg' /> Product Name: EL wire 001
    Catalog: EL Wire
    Specification: 3 Meter
    EL wire 001 Description Next Product:[ EL poster 013 ] Last Product:[ EL wire 002 ]

    El wire, el light wire, el flash wire
    1.EL wire diameter: 0.9mm. 1.4mm.2.3mm.2.8mm.3.2mm.4.5mm.5.0mm can be available.
    2.EL wire colour :red, orange, green, blue ,yellow ,transparent, pink.. purple.etc.
    3.EL functions: constant : lighting , fast twinkle, fast twinkle
    4.Accessory: Inverter (driver ) for controlling el wire to flash
    (1)favorable price. Energy-saving, high brightness, green product
    (2)Emit lights along its entire length, colorful and soft light, can beused in day and night.
    (3)Can be easily bent, knotted, cut and connected without affecting
    the brightness.
    Application Fields:
    Building decoration; door, wallshop window  lighting decoration, enlace on tree, building surface

    decoration, festival lighting fence; vehicle decoration; outdoor emergent warning sign; stage

    design; nighttime lighting fountain; the lighting banner