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  • <img src='/upfile/product/20131130022520.jpg' /> Product Name: Light up hoodie
    Catalog: EL Hoodie
    Specification: 64*48*40cm
    Price: US$9.5-18
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    •Machine Washable.
    •Takes 2 AA Batteries. Lasts between 24-72 hours per set of batteries.
    •Light Up Hoodie has 3 modes: On, Fast Blink, Slow Blink.
    •Controller rests comfortably in the left pocket.
    •Comes in Blue, White, and Lime.
    •The Lights on the hoodie last up to 3 years.

    Hoodie color: white,black,grey

    Illumination color:white,blue,red,green,yellow,orange etc.


    Washing Instructions:

    1.Unplug battery pack from hoodie. The battery pack is not waterproof and will be damaged if washed.
    2.Put in the Washer on Cold and Delicate (if your washer doesn't have this mode, it's fine)
    3.Put the Hoodie on a hanger and let it air dry.


    Hoodies will never be the same! Wear as a casual "normal" Hoodie during the day but light up the room by night!